Audrey was born in Ivory Coast and moved to the UK in 2014 with her mother who was claiming asylum. Audrey has temporary leave to remain in the UK for five years. She attended University in Ivory Coast, and has an undergraduate degree in Management Studies. She then worked in a large supermarket for one year. She found this work tiring, as it was full time and long hours (ten hours per day) and involved multiple tasks including unpacking stock, stock control and re stocking as well as customer service. Her mother worked as a secretary in a Government Office, but is now working in a care home. Audrey has found jobs to apply for through her mother’s friends, whom she met through a community organisation. She was successful in getting a job as a cleaner of offices, part-time for two hours per day, but she would like to work more hours if it was possible. Her first language is French, and she is attending an ESOL course to improve her English language skills. She would like to be able to improve her English through her work also – but the cleaning job does not involve much social contact or opportunities to speak. If she had stayed in Ivory Coast, she would have liked to have become a nurse or to possibly have her own shop selling baby clothes/items, because she likes the idea of being her own boss. In the future in the UK she would like to go to University again but to possibly study nursing. If she had enough money, she would also like to have her own shop in the UK, although she is not sure how she would go about this. She feels uncertain at the minute about her future and whether she will remain in the North East or move elsewhere.


I think because of my speaking, my mother told me every day my speaking is not good at the moment so I can't find a good job actually because of my speaking. Because every job I have to speak with someone, so as I go to do ESOL and the cleaner job there is not much speaking so I can do that before and then later I have to look for a good job again.”