Migrant Working Lives

This website is about international migrants’ experiences in and around work – looking for work, doing work (paid and unpaid), leaving work, or being prevented from working. The material here is freely available to educators, students and the public. It is our hope that the website will be used as a resource to increase understanding and inform discussion about the diversity of backgrounds, experiences, needs, skills, desires, world-views and contributions to society among people living outside the country of their birth. Publications and summaries are available via the 'Publications' page and case studies and other biographical research are available via the Archive. You can use the form on this page and on the Archive and Publications pages to search the website's contents by various criteria or using your own search terms.

A lot of the content is directly available, and additional content is available for those who register here. All you need to register is an email address, which we will not share with anybody else but may use to contact you to ask for feedback on how useful you have found this website.

We welcome contributions to the website from individuals, community groups, organisations, students, educators, and researchers – if you have relevant material you would like to add to the website about migrants’ working lives, or links to other online resources, please get in touch by registering and then using the form on the 'Submit' page, or via the contact page.